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I realize I am returning to the source.

Descent below cloud ceiling

Reveals landscapes made familiar

Only through ancestral knowledge.

Buoyant with a sense of homecoming,

A Spiritual sensation of reunion,

Belonging, unity, like

Returning to the Motherland,

The comfort of familiarity,

The comfort of homogeneity,

The comfort of conformity

Awaits me down there.

Disembark to a buzzing hive

Searching for familiar faces,

Which emerge from the crowd.

Embracing family I have missed,

We step out into the sauna of

Oppressive Asian summers

Thick with clinging humidity

Cacophony of cicadas

Endless serpents of spewing automobiles

Sea of endless humanity.

I have been here less than a minute

I stand there drenched in perspiration,

Overcome with a longing to be elsewhere,

I realize I want to return home.


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