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“I don’t need sunscreen. I don’t burn.”

Warning him about the Mexican sun, his wife

Later laughed at his discomfort and pain.

Summoning that heat he strained against

The howling blizzard, cursing the biting wind,

Grasping snow, and unrelenting pursuers.

They had tracked him down to

Where he thought he could disappear.

His dogs roused in a frenzy

At the approach of vengeance.

He managed to reach the forest

That had dimmed to a black abyss.

Compelled by urgency and will,

Consumed by desperation and fear,

Distancing himself from the logic of destiny

Pressed him to the precipice of purpose.

He plunged headlong into the wilderness,

Blinding cold and snow impeding progress.

Tracks in the snow spurred his slackening pace.

Unable to accept his awaiting fate

The lost soul thrust further into the night,

Into the oblivion of darkness.

The storm and pursuit refused to abate

Mimicry mocking with stalking steps.

Exhaustion extinguished hope,

Collapsing him amid the frenetic footsteps.

Dawn was dispelling the darkness.

Eyes closed at the sliver of warmth on his face,

He heard waves and his wife’s laughter.

“I don’t need sunscreen. I don’t burn.”


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