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UpToUs Charity Foundation

Up To Us Foundation is an organization founded on the principles that it is up to us to care for one another, to provide aid for people and communities experiencing hardships. Realizing that economic realities pose challenges for individuals and families during difficult times, we wish to create a caring community that extends a helping hand to all of its members. 


It is our mission to align ourselves with organizations and foundations, both local and global, that share our values of aspiring to a common humanity. We recognize that there is an obligation to help and protect the vulnerable in society, to provide dignity and compassion to all, and to create a more equitable and just society.

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Our Initiative

We are embarking on a fundraising campaign that entails a writing contest open to all students across British Columbia. We are currently accepting submissions until November 30th, 2022, with the winners’ works being published in a Kindle Book that will be sold on Amazon. All proceeds will be donated to Backpack Buddies.

The Inaugural Writing Contest’s theme is food, meaning that you can write anything directly or loosely associated with food. For example, you can write a research essay on the current impact of inflation on food insecurity around the world, or a poem about your favourite dessert; you can write a short memoir about food figuratively, like Ernest Hemmingway’s, A Moveable Feast, or you can write a short story about your epic summer camp food fight. Let your imagination roam and help a worthy cause.

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